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Soils of long excess moistening (malt, solonetzic soils meadow) surface and ground waters. The drainage and agrotechnical actions for improvement of their water and physical characteristics is necessary for improvement of their properties and the water-air mode.

of a bush of a rare thicket is made by the korchevatelem-collector on a tractor of 108 hp of of a bush when the soil is well heated-up on a depth of root system. After drying the earth on roots, shrubby weight is raked up in shaft and moved out of limits of the irrigated area.

As a part of rainfall of suites sandy-argillaceous differences are noted: alevritovy clays and alevrita clay, brownish-gray color, in a pereslaivaniye with sand. Sand gray, dark gray, livid, fine-grained and medium-grained quartz-polevoshpatovogo and quartz structure, horizontally and diagonalno the layered.

for creation of more powerful arable horizon and improvement of water physical properties on gray forest soils it is necessary to carry out a pripakhivaniye of the underlying horizon and deep (40 - 55 cm) loosening of the subarable horizon. On the decreases occupied solodyam and solonetzic soils - deep loosening. The decreases occupied meadow and marsh and peaty - gley soils, need drainage and further periodic deep loosening and a krotovaniye.

Unevenness of lithologic structure of deposits of a continental complex frequent replacements of clay differences with the sandy provides close hydraulic connection of the pressure head water-bearing horizons with free-flow.

In natural state solonetzic soils have the 1 - 3 cm friable dernina. Then under the derniny the humic horizon of dark gray color of komkovato-glybisty structure is accurately expressed. Transition to the underlying horizon sharp. Solonetzic (the illuvial horizon In the horizon very dense glybisto-column structure, transition to the horizon of B2 is noticeable by coloring and structure, it, as a rule, brownish color, orekhovaty with ogleeniye signs, gradually turning into maternal breed. The horizons of B1 and B2 contain the increased quantity of oozy particles, dense.

On the surveyed sites 3 subtypes of gray forest soils are widespread: the dark gray, gray and light gray forest. Within type are allocated osolodely and opodzolenny. Rather close arrangement of level of ground waters causes an ogleeniye of the lower horizons of soils.

Lake-marsh deposits / LhQ1Y/have distribution to territories, adjoining from the South to the irrigated site, occupying a surface of the second nadpoymenny terrace. The lithologic structure is presented by peat, silty clays and loams dark gray and bluish gray with inclusions of plant material and pro-layers of fine-grained sand. Power of lake and marsh rainfall. 8 m.